Jul 19, 2012


Tony Ricciardello was back to his winning best following his third round victory in the Kerrick Australian Sports Sedan Series, taking all three races at Sydney Motorsport Park on July 15.

The seven times national series winner was challenged by Darren Hossack in the Audi/Chev but gear selection issues over the three races thwarted his chances of a podium place.

Second for the round went to this year’s points score leader Kerry Baily in the Aston Martin/Chev, finishing ahead of Des Wall in his Chev Corvette Trans Am racer and extending his lead over Wall by a point to 67.

Ricciardello was the fastest qualifier and led the first race through the first lap before Hossack passed him. The Audi driver broke the lap record and looked likely for a win until his car was struck by a gearshift linkage bracket breakage.

That enabled Baily to secure second ahead of Wall with Dameon Jameson (Jaguar/Chev) topping a great dice involving Berol Cetin (Chev Camaro) and Chris Jackson (Calibra/Chev). Daniel Tamasi (Calibra/Chev) was just ahead of them but became tangled up in lapped traffic coming from the back of Corporate Hill.

Geoff Whittaker brought his Commodore home in eighth ahead of the immaculate Ford Mustang of Scott Reed and Anthony Macready’s Nissan/Chev. All race long Simon Copping (Commodore) and Stuart Inwood (Falcon) diced in their once-V8 Supercars with the latter getting past and taking tenth on the final lap.

Behind the Dean Camm Corvette and Michael Robinson’s Monaro, the Hossack limped home 14th ahead of Chris Donnelly who had spun his Falcon earlier, Ron Moller (Camaro), Steven Lacey (Commodore) and the RX7 of Bruce Banks.

Baily briefly held the lead off the start of raced two before Ricciardello went ahead. Hossack made a brilliant lift-off to be fourth at the second corner. “I had to use a bit of kart racing tactics there,” he said. By the end of the lap he was second but could not take the challenge up to Ricciardello. “I didn’t have sixth gear so I was losing out on the straights – fortunately our corner speed was excellent,” Hossack added.

Baily again finished ahead of Wall but third this time while Tamasi was next ahead of Shane Bradbury whose Camaro failed to start race one after breaking its tail shaft on the form-up lap. Jameson chased the pair to the line, clear of Whittaker and Robinson.

Hossack held sway at the front in the third encounter but couldn’t hold out the Alfa driver who went on to win. Third on this occasion went to Wall, getting past Baily midway through. Bradbury pipped Tamasi for fifth and Jameson headed home Anthony Macready (Nissan/Chev), Whittaker and Robinson. Robinson came in tenth with David McGinniss (Calibra) next ahead of Inwood and Copping.

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Race One (10 laps)

1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev) SS 15:20.8002

2 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev) SS 15:24.8619

3 Des Wall (Chev Corvette) TA 15:26.2830

4 Dameon Jameson Jaguar XKR/Chev) SS 15:41.4595

5 Birol Cetin (Chev Camaro) TA 10 15:43.2699

6 Chris Jackson Holden Calibra/Chev) SS 15:44.0632

7 Geoff Whittaker (Holden Commodore VL/Chev) SS 15:51.7124

8 Scott Reed (Ford Mustang) TA 16:02.9059

9 Anthony Macready (Nissan 300ZX/Chev) SS 16:07.6139

10 Stuart Inwood (Ford Falcon AU 5000 SS 16:10.6354

11 Simon Copping (Holden Commodore 5000 SS 16:11.5981

12 Dean Camm (Chev Corvette) TA 16:16.4815

13 Michael Robinson (Holden Monaro/Chev) SS 16:20.8726

14 Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev) SS 16:30.8446

15 Chris Donnelly (Ford Falcon EB) SS 16:37.2250

16 Ron Moller (Chev Camaro) TA 16:48.1345

17 Steven Lacey (Holden Commodore VK/Chev) SS 16:51.0045

18 Bruce Banks (Mazda RX7 Rotary Turbo) SS 9 laps

19 David Cameron Holden Gemini Rotary SS 9 laps

DNF Daniel Tamasi (Holden Calibra/Chev) SS 9 laps

DNF David McGinniss (Holden Calibra/Chev) SS 8 laps

DNF Colin Smith (Holden Monaro/Chev) SS 8 laps

DNF Jeff Brown (Ford Falcon/Chev) SS 8 laps

DNF Alfred Axisa (Holden Commodore VZ) SS 4 laps

DNF Jeff Barnes (Pontiac Trans Am/Chev) SS 3 laps

DNF Scott Tutton (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2) SS 3 laps

DNF Andrew Leithhead (Alfa Romeo GTV) 3290 SS 1 laps

DNS Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro) TA

Fastest lap: Hossack 1:28.9592

      SS = Sports Sedans           TA = Trans Am

 Race Two (10 laps)

1 Ricciardello 17:31.2328, 2 Hossack 17:33.3672, 3 Baily 17:37.9833, 4 Wall 17:38.9501, 5 Tamasi 17:49.0565, 6 Bradford 17:49.5548, 7 Jameson 17:49.8346, 8 Whittaker 17:56.9755, 9 Robinson 18:03.4591, 10 Copping 18:04.3827, 11 Inwood 18:05.1422, 12 McGinniss 18:12.0994, 13 Camm 18:12.7726, 14 Macready 18:14.1351, 15 Smith 18:14.6158, 16 Moller 18:16.1046, 17 Brown 18:22.1694, 18 Lacey 18:28.9171, 19 Cameron 19:04.7800, DNF Banks 7 laps, DNF Jackson 3 laps, DNF Axisa 3 laps, DNF Cetin 0 laps, DNF Reed 0 laps, DNS Donnelly.
Fastest lap: Ricciardello 1:28.9391.

Race Three (10 laps)
1 Ricciardello 15:17.0971,2 Hossack Audi 15:21.4264, 3 Wall 15:25.1726, 4 Baily 15:28.7465, 5 Bradford 15:41.5762, 6 Tamasi 15:41.6165, 7 Jameson 15:43.5496, 8 Macready 16:07.7902, 9 Whittaker 16:10.2485, 10 Robinson 16:15.6851, 11 McGinniss 16:15.9890, 12 Inwood 16:16.9698, 13 Smith 16:28.4523, 14 Copping 16:30.1688, 15 Moller 16:42.8503, 16 Lacey 9 laps, 17 Cameron 9 laps, DNF Donnelly 8 laps, DNF Brown 7 laps, DNF Camm 1 lap.

Fastest lap: Hossack 1:29.0686


Round 1                   April 13-15                        Mallala Motorsport Park, SA

Round 2                   May 25-27                         Phillip Island, Vic

Round 3                   July 13-15                          Eastern Creek, NSW

Round 4                   August 10-12                    Queensland Raceway, Qld

Round 5                   October 12-14                   Wakefield Park, NSW

Points after Round Three Kerry Baily 381, Des Wall 314, Tony Ricciardello 300, Darren Hossack 294, Shane Bradford 267, Michael Robinson 249, Dameon Jameson 132, Daniel Tamasi 95, Dean Camm 94, Bruce Banks 86, Colin Smith 76, Graeme Gilliland 64, Charlie Senese 50, Damian Johnson 48, Shane Ryding 20, Leigh Moran 20, Chas Talbot 9.

2018 Calendar

1. May 23-24  Wakefield Park
2. July 4-5  Morgan Park
3. September 5-6  Sydney Motorsport Park
4. September 19-20  The Bend
5. November 28-29  Phillip Island

Championship Points

1. Tony Ricciardello 651
2. Jordan Caruso 540
3. Shane Woodman 428
4. Steven Tamasi 397
5. Michael Robinson 369