Aug 16, 2012


Kerry Baily did it at round one, Tony Ricciardello two rounds later, and then it was Darren Hossack’s turn to nab all three race wins from as many starts to take out round four of the Kerrick Australian Sports Sedan at Queensland Raceway on August 11-12.

In each of the 12-lap outings, the Audi A4/Chev V8-powered Sports Sedan driver battled reigning title holder Tony Ricciardello in his similarly powered Alfa Romeo, resulting in some of the best motor racing seen yet on the Shannons Nationals program.

“After the first round where both Tony and I had trouble, it has been about winning races and setting lap records,” Hossack said. “Even this weekend we both have had brake problems and after my crew changed a rotor we had a vibration in the front end.”

Chasing Hossack across the line on each occasion, Ricciardello was second overall while Shane Bradford, with a third and a pair of fourths, not only took the final podium spot, but was first of the Trans Am cars in the absence of Des Wall, out for this because of recent surgery. Meanwhile Phil Crompton’s new Trans Am Ford Mustang debut and was fourth overall with a big diff ratio change and attention to steering problems after the qualifying sessions.

Series leader Kerry Baily had an unexpected and unwelcomed surprise. After his Aston Martin/Chev V8 was fastest in qualifying, and controlled the field to the rolling start of race one, Baily pulled off, into the pits with a dead engine – believed to be a dropped valve.

Ricciardello grabbed the lead over Hossack but suffered a massive lock-up at turn three early in the race, frying the front tyres and allowing his rival through. Ricciardello’s pace was compromised for the duration as he soldiered on to second place. “I just ran as fast as I could to get the car home,” he said.

Behind the third placed Bradford, Crompton and Jeff Barnes (Pontiac Trans AM) fought over fourth place with the former getting to the line less than a second ahead. Behind the duo there was not much between Mark Bowen’s Commodore/Chev and the Dodge-powered Saab of Anthony Cox. Damian Johnson’s Torana was a non-starter, his Torana six breaking a camshaft in qualifying.

Baily’s crew worked overnight on an engine which was not a simple matter taking the old unit out and dropping a new one in. There was the need for much fabrication to be done and get the somewhat differently mounted powerplant in.

He started from the back of the grid for the second race where he forged through to third ahead of Bradford. Ricciardello led early before Hossack again slipped past for the win. Bradbury was fourth with Crompton, Cox, Bob McLoughlin 9Commodore/Chev), Bowen and the Monaros of Michael Robinson and Colin Smith that followed. Barnes and the Mazda of Bruce Banks failed to go the distance.

In the third race Ricciardello again led, this time stoutly fending off the Hossack for much longer. The exciting dice seen them often side-by-side without even a panel touch. But ultimately Hossack gained the upper hand and went on to take victory number three. Baily trailed the pair, getting close to them at times, but not close enough to mount a lead challenge.

Bradford had Crompton somewhat closer this time while Barnes finished sixth ahead of Robinson, McLoughlin who had Bowen right on his rear bumper, Smith and Banks. Cox was a non-starter.

“The engine was not as good as what we took out before it broke, but I am pleased to salvage some points out of the weekend and keep the series lead,” Baily comment post-race.

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Race One (12 laps)

1 Darren Hossack (Vic) Audi A4/Chev V8 14:14.1054

2 Tony Ricciardello (WA) Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev V8 14:20.5405

3 Shane Bradford (Qld) Chev Camaro V8 14:28.9121

4 Phil Crompton (Qld) Ford Mustang 14:31.4713

5 Jeff Barnes (Qld) PontiacTrans Am/Chev V8 14:32.2963

6 Mark Bowen (QLD) Holden Commodore/Chev V8 14:54.2046

7 Anthony Cox (Qld) Saab/Dodge V8 14:55.9170

8 Bob McLoughlin (Qld) Holden Commodore/Chev V8 14:59.1051

9 Bruce Banks (Tas) Mazda RX7 Turbo 15:01.5984

10 Chris Donnelly (Qld) Ford Falcon/Ford V8 15:02.1899

11 Colin Smith (Qld) Holden Monaro/Chev V8 15:03.1815

12 Michael Robinson (Vic) Holden Monaro/Chev V8 15:16.8183

13 Geoff Russell (NSW) Toyota Corolla 10 laps

DNS Kerry Baily (Qld) Aston Martin DBR9/Chev V8

Fastest Lap: Darren Hossack 1:08.7417 (new lap record)

Race Two (12 laps)

1 Hossack 13:58.8423, 2 Ricciardello 14:02.6084, 3 Baily 14:07.2869, 4 Bradford 14:21.7461, 5 Crompton 14:34.3328, 6 Cox 14:51.4811, 7 McLoughlin 14:53.4869, 8 Bowen 14:55.6218, 9 Robinson 14:59.1798, 10 Smith 15:01.0450, 11 Russell 10 laps, DNF Barnes 5 laps, DNF Banks 4 laps, DNF Donnelly 3 laps. Fastest Lap: Hossack 1:08.9643.

Race Three (12 laps)

1 Hossack 14:00.5001, 2 Ricciardello 14:02.5413, 3 Baily 14:04.0058, 4 Bradford 14:26.6705, 5 Crompton 14:27.7344, 6 Barnes 14:30.9098, 7 Robinson 15:01.9106, 8 McLoughlin 15:07.0185, 9 Bowen 15:07.0871, 10 Smith 15:10.1771, 11 Banks 15:10.9368, Fastest Lap: Hossack 1:09.2733.


1-Baily 1:07.9248, 2-Ricciardello 1:08.9385, 3-Hossack 1:09.0547, 4-Bradford 1:10.4238,
5-Barnes 1:11.3146, 6-Crompton 1:11.6519, 7-Bowen 1:12.5234, 8-Cox 1:12.8997,
9-McLoughlin 1:13.3878, 10-Donnelly 1:13.5349, 11-Smith 1:13.5546, 12-Robinson 1:14.3244,
13-Banks 1:15.0803, 14-Johnson 1:21.1152, 15-Russell 1:26.6270.

Round Four Points

Hossack 135, Ricciardello 126, Bradford 110, Crompton 101, Baily 91, McLoughlin 75, Bowen 72, Robinson 65, Barnes 62, Smith 52, Cox 48, Banks 34, Russell 21, Donnelly 12.

Points after four points

Kerry Baily 472, Darren Hossack 429, Tony Ricciardello 426, Shane Bradford 377, Des Wall 314, Michael Robinson 314, Dameon Jameson 132, Colin Smith 128, Bruce Banks 120, Phil Crompton 101, Daniel Tamasi 95, Dean Camm 94, Bob McLoughlin 75, Mark Bowen 72, Geoffrey Whittaker 70, Graeme Gilliland 64, Jeff Barnes 62, Anthony Macready 52, Charlie Senese 50, Damian Johnson 48, Tony Cox 48, Simon Copping 36, David McGinniss 32, Birol Cetin 22, Geoff Russell 21, Shane Ryding 20, Leigh Moran 20, Scott Reed 16, Chris Donnelly 14, Chas Talbot 9, Ron Moller 9, Steven Lacey 9, David Cameron 9, Jeff Brown 3.


Round 1                   April 13-15                        Mallala Motorsport Park, SA

Round 2                   May 25-27                         Phillip Island, Vic

Round 3                   July 13-15                          Eastern Creek, NSW

Round 4                   August 10-12                    Queensland Raceway, Qld

Round 5                   October 12-14                   Wakefield Park, NSW

For all the latest news, information and contacts regarding the 2012 Kerrick Australian Sports Sedan Series visit the www.sportssedans.com.au and www.thenationals.com.au websites. Watch live over the internet at www.itvlive.com.au or catch the SBS Speedweek telecast on June 10 or Foxtel’s Speed on June 13.

2018 Calendar

1. May 23-24  Wakefield Park
2. July 4-5  Morgan Park
3. September 5-6  Sydney Motorsport Park
4. September 19-20  The Bend
5. November 28-29  Phillip Island

Championship Points

1. Tony Ricciardello 651
2. Jordan Caruso 540
3. Shane Woodman 428
4. Steven Tamasi 397
5. Michael Robinson 369