Oct 17, 2012


Newly crowned Kerrick Sports Sedan Series title holder Kerry Baily is not about to rest on his laurels. After a second overall at the fifth and final round, held at Wakefield Park as part of the Shannons Nationals, Baily wants to go seven and better, targeting round winner Tony Ricciardello’s record number.

Ricciardello was never headed throughout qualifying and all three races in his Chev-powered Alfa Romeo. “This meeting was a bit emotional for us as the Alfa is in its 20th year,” he said. “It was a shame we had the fire at the beginning of the year, as it has taken until now to get the car back to where we wanted.” He also hinted that season 2013 may be the last for the venerable machine and a replacement is in the wings.

Baily debuted a new car (Nissan 300ZX/Chev) in 2000, put it on pole and won the first round before going on to win the series. This year he unveiled his greatly anticipated Aston Martin DBR9/Chev and emulated that effort of 12 years ago.

He went into the final round with a 43 point advantage over the Audi A4/Chev of Darren Hossack and emerged 30 points ahead of Ricciardello in the end after a second and two third placings. “I guess we went into the round a little cautiously but I would have deeply regretted trying some sort of move that didn’t come off,” Baily admitted.

Meanwhile Hossack was a strong challenger to Ricciardello for outright honours and the realistic proposition of a second in the series, but a failed fuel pump circuit breaker in race one ended his title and round aspirations. “Unfortunately it is in a place that I can’t get to, so I had no choice but to pit,” he said.

The two times champ did storm back in race two with second from the rear of the grid and then backed up with another runners’ up placing in the third – plus a new lap record for the category – and third overall for the year.

Third for the round went to Dameon Jameson in the Jaguar XKR/Chev, delivering his best result of the year and finishing ahead of the Trans Am class winning Chev Camaro of Shane Bradford which limped home in race one with a broken axle.

Attrition was up in the opening race with Anthony Cox retiring his Saab/Dodge for the day with a rear end vibration when he got to fifth place. Shortly before that Phil Crompton had to moderate his pace when the brake fluid boiled in the Ford Mustang. Bruce Banks (Mazda RX7 Turbo) and the Holden Monaro/Chev were able to slip past while Damian Johnson’s hard working Torana finished eighth.

In race two Crompton was on his last lap, up to fifth after a great dice with Bradford and Jameson for fourth, fifth and sixth when his engine developed the death rattles and forced him out. Banks gained the upper hand on Smith in their race long scrap. Hossack was ultimately fifth for the round, ahead of Banks, Smith and Johnson.

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Race One (15 laps)

1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev V8) 14:56.3096

2 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev V8) 15:02.1254

3 Dameon Jameson (Jaguar XKR/Chev V8) 15:28.6408

4 Bruce Banks (Mazda RX7 5998 14 laps

5 Colin Smith (Holden Monaro 6000 14 laps

6 Phil Crompton (Ford Mustang 5936 14 laps

7 Damian Johnson (Holden Torana Six) 14 laps

8 Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro V8) 14 laps

DNF Anthony Cox (Saab/Dodge V8) 10 laps

DNF Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev V8) 3 laps

Fastest lap: Ricciardello 58.3637


Race Two (15 laps)
1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev V8) 14:47.5365
2 Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev V8) 15:01.4462
3 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev V8) 15:01.7076
4 Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro V8) 15:18.4961
5 Dameon Jameson (Jaguar XKR/Chev V8) 15:23.2903
6 Bruce Banks (Mazda RX7 Rotary Turbo) 14 laps 
7 Colin Smith (Holden Monaro/Chev V8) 14 laps 
8 Damian Johnson (Holden Torana Six) 14 laps 
DNF Phil Crompton (Ford Mustang V8) 14 laps 
Fastest lap: Ricciardello 57.9422
Race Three (15 laps)
1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev V8) 14:41.8147
2 Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev V8) 14:49.3794
3 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev V8) 14:50.5368
4 Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro V8) 15:05.2322
5 Dameon Jameson (Jaguar XKR/Chev V8) 15:07.2237
6 Bruce Banks (Mazda RX7 Rotary Turbo) 14 laps
7 Colin Smith (Holden Monaro/Cheve V8) 14 laps
8 Damian Johnson (Holden Torana Six) 14 laps
Fastest lap: Hossack 57.7492


Points after five rounds

Kerry Baily 591, Tony Ricciardello 561, Darren Hossack 527, Shane Bradford 477, Des Wall 314, Michael Robinson 314, Dameon Jameson 235, Bruce Banks 214, Colin Smith 213, Damian Johnson 122, Phil Crompton 101, Daniel Tamasi 95, Dean Camm 94, Bob McLoughlin 75, Mark Bowen 72, Geoffrey Whittaker 70, Graeme Gilliland 64, Jeff Barnes 62, Anthony Macready 52, Charlie Senese 50, Tony Cox 48, Simon Copping 36, David McGinniss 32, Birol Cetin 22, Geoff Russell 21, Shane Ryding 20, Leigh Moran 20, Scott Reed 16, Chris Donnelly 14, Chas Talbot 9, Ron Moller 9, Steven Lacey 9, David Cameron 9, Jeff Brown 3.

Previous Kerrick Series Winners 2011 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa/Chev V8), 2010 James Sera (Saab/Chev), 2009 Des Wall (Chev Corvette), 2008 Darren Hossack (Audi/Chev), 2007 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa/Chev), 2006 Dean Randle (Saab/Chev).

2018 Calendar

1. May 23-24  Wakefield Park
2. July 4-5  Morgan Park
3. September 5-6  Sydney Motorsport Park
4. September 19-20  The Bend
5. November 28-29  Phillip Island

Championship Points

1. Tony Ricciardello 651
2. Jordan Caruso 540
3. Shane Woodman 428
4. Steven Tamasi 397
5. Michael Robinson 369