Mar 26, 2013


IT MAY HAVE been a dismal start in 2012 but Tony Ricciardello made up for this year when he drove his B&M Ricciardello Motors Alfa/Chev to a comprehensive round one victory in the Kerrick Australian Sports Sedan Series on March 25 .

He qualified fastest and withstood the challengers to take all three races ahead of defending series winner Kerry Baily (Rent Depot Aston Martin/Chev) and Daniel Tamasi (Luxury Auto Body Holden Calibra/Chev).

Darren Hossack was fractionally slower in the fight for pole in the John Gourley-owned Auto Union Deutsche Audi/Chev and anticipation was high for a great stoush between the front row pair.

However Hossack was slow away in the opening 10-lap race, balking fourth-starting Baily who had nowhere to go before being further delay as a result of contact with Jeff Barnes’ Barnes High Performance Pontiac.

Ricciardello led ahead of Tamasi and Hossack with Shane Bradford’s Trans Am spec Aston Air Conditioning Chev Camaro next from Bruce Banks, leasing a Chev Camaro rather than racing his usual Mazda RX7, and the Colin Smith MR Automotive Monaro/Chev. Anthony Cox pulled the Rosemount Smash Repairs Saab/Chev off on the warm up lap, Peter McLeod spun his newly constructed Slick 50 RX7 on lap one and Charlie Senese pulled his Liqui Moly Chev Corvette out after a spin.

There was a safety car before Ricciardello continued on at the front. Hossack eventually passed Tamasi for second but Ricciardello was too far ahead. Baily worked his way to fifth, diced with Bradford for several laps before getting by and finished fourth just behind Tamasi while Banks was sixth. Michael Robinson had a fire in his Bell Real Estate Monaro/Chev and was out for the rest of the round.

Hossack grabbed the lead off the start of race two but before the end of the second lap, was in trouble, slowing and in pitlane to have a small fire extinguished. That left Ricciardello well clear Tamasi until he too slowed, allowing Baily through initially. Later the battling Bradford and Barnes were also by the ailing Calibra/Chev with Barnes able to displace Bradford before the finish.

From the rear of the grid for race three, the Des Wall Trophy, Hossack was second by the third lap and challenging for the lead shortly after. But it was all over when Hossack’s Audi speared off at high speed at turn one and ended up in the tyre wall.

Baily was clear of Tamasi for second while Banks had his best result with fourth ahead of Smith. A lap down Bradford with the Camaro suffering front suspension issues, soldiered on to the flag ahead of the six cylinder Holden Torana of Damian Johnson. Barnes retired too with a pinion breakage in the gearbox.

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KERRICK SPORTS SEDAN SERIES Round One, Race One (10 laps)

1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev) 17:33.5821 
2 Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev) 17:41.9905 
3 Daniel Tamasi (Holden Calibra/Chev) 17:44.0409 
4 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev) 17:44.4091 
5 Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro) 17:46.1909 
6 Bruce Banks (Chev Camaro) 18:07.7148 
7 Colin Smith (Holden Monaro/Chev) 18:11.6854 
8 Jeff Barnes (Pontiac Trans Am) 18:12.3867 
9 Damian Johnson (Holden Torana Six) 18:44.2850 
DNF Michael Robinson (Holden Monaro/Chev) 4 laps 
DNF Peter McLeod (Mazda RX7) 0 laps 
DNF Charlie Senese (Chev Corvette) 0 laps 
DNS Anthony Cox (Saab/Dodge) 
Fastest Lap: Tony Ricciardello 1:28.9949

KERRICK SPORTS SEDAN SERIES Round One, Race Two (10 laps)

1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev) 15:27.6478 
2 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev) 15:31.3351 
3 Jeff Barnes (Pontiac Trans Am) 15:53.7372 
4 Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro) 15:54.8480 
5 Bruce Banks (Chev Camaro) 16:01.6656 
6 Daniel Tamasi (Holden Calibra/Chev) 16:30.8209 
7 Colin Smith (Holden Monaro/Chev) 16:51.8122 
8 Anthony Cox (Saab/Dodge) 16:55.5074 
9 Damian Johnson (Holden Torana Six) 16:59.5482 
10 Peter McLeod (Mazda RX7) 9 laps 
DNF Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev) 2 laps 
Fastest Lap: Darren Hossack 1:30.0041

KERRICK SPORTS SEDAN SERIES Round One, Race Three (10 laps)


1 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa Romeo GTV/Chev) 15:18.9554 
2 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin DBR9/Chev) 15:20.2183 
3 Daniel Tamasi (Holden Calibra/Chev) 16:09.1895 
4 Bruce Banks (Chev Camaro) 16:15.0507 
5 Colin Smith (Holden Monaro/Chev) 16:35.8852 
6 Shane Bradford (Chev Camaro) 9 laps 
7 Damian Johnson (Holden Torana Six) 9 laps 
DNF Jeff Barnes (Pontiac Trans Am) 6 laps 
DNF Darren Hossack (Audi A4/Chev) 5 laps

Fastest Lap: Darren Hossack 1:29.6775



Round 1          March 23-24                   Sydney Motorsport Park, NSW

Round 2          April 20-21                      Mallala Motorsport Park, SA

Round 3          August 3-4                      Queensland Raceway, Qld

Round 4          September 21-22             Phillip Island, Vic

Round 5          November 16-17             Sandown, NSW


Round One Points

Tony Ricciardello 135, Kerry Baily 122, Daniel Tamasi 108, Bruce Banks 101, Shane Bradford 98, Colin Smith 89, Damian Johnson 71, Jeff Barnes 55, Darren Hossack 28, Tony Cox 24


Previous Kerrick Series Winners 2012 Kerry Baily (Aston Martin/Chev), 2011 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa/Chev V8), 2010 James Sera (Saab/Chev), 2009 Des Wall (Chev Corvette), 2008 Darren Hossack (Audi/Chev), 2007 Tony Ricciardello (Alfa/Chev), 2006 Dean Randle (Saab/Chev).

2018 Calendar

1. May 23-24  Wakefield Park
2. July 4-5  Morgan Park
3. September 5-6  Sydney Motorsport Park
4. September 19-20  The Bend
5. November 28-29  Phillip Island

Championship Points

1. Tony Ricciardello 651
2. Jordan Caruso 540
3. Shane Woodman 428
4. Steven Tamasi 397
5. Michael Robinson 369