Apr 14, 2012

Ricca in a commodore and Hossack in a Falcon!

We are used to seeing Darren Hossack and Tony Ricciardello in 2 of the Kerrick series fastest cars, the Audi A4/Chev and the Alfetta GTV/Chev, but at Mallala today we will see Darren in a donor Ford Falcon offered by local mate Simon Pfitzner and Tony in a VS Holden Commodore normally piloted by Bob McLoughlin.

In a selfless act McLoughlin offered his drive to Ricciardello soon after the badly burnt Alfetta returned to the garage following a billowing oil ignighted fire at the end of the Mallala back straight. Ricciardello looked on hopelessly after pulling up the Alfa near a flag point, waiting for the fire crew to arrive and extinguish the fire that was consuming the multi championship winning car at an ever increasing rate. 

The Ricciardello team will return to Perth early to commemce work on the Alfetta on Monday in an attempt to return to Phillip Island for round 2 in May. 

While all this was going on the John Gourlay owned Audi A4 was suffering from an engine condition that was called terminal early in the evening. In an attempt to salvage some series points the Gourlay / Hossack team announced they will rebuild one of the crewmans cars, being Simon Pfitzner's Falcon/Chev. 

This will leave Kerry Baily, Des Wall, Jeff Barnes,Dameon Jameson and the rest of the field in particularly favorable positions as the replacement cars are not expected to reproduce the lap times generated by the Audi and the Alfetta. 

In motor racing we have come to expect the unexpected, but this has come as a shock to all and makes for a very interesting weekend at Mallala one hour north of Adelaide. 

2018 Calendar

1. May 23-24  Wakefield Park
2. July 4-5  Morgan Park
3. September 5-6  Sydney Motorsport Park
4. September 19-20  The Bend
5. November 28-29  Phillip Island

Championship Points

1. Tony Ricciardello 651
2. Jordan Caruso 540
3. Shane Woodman 428
4. Steven Tamasi 397
5. Michael Robinson 369