Sep 20, 2014


Darren Hossack has broken the 2014 Kerrick Sports Sedan Series domination of Tony Ricciardello by taking victory today at Phillip Island aboard the #4 Auto Union Deutsche Audi, with the top qualifier resetting the lap record in the process to 1 minute 27.3269 seconds.

Hossack lead home Tony Ricciardello by 31 seconds, with Ricciardello – who also ran under the lap record in the #5 B&M Ricciardello Motors Alfa Romeo GTV - being forced to recover from a turn four ‘off’ after he over-cooked it while trying to reel in the hard-charging Victorian.

Starting side by side on the front row, Darren got a good start to lead from start to finish, pulling a gap early. When Ricciardello went off-track laps later, it allowed young guns Tom Randle and Steven Tamasi to second and third on the road. Their advancement came after a battle of their own for position which saw Randle make multiple attempts before eventually being successful in passing Tamasi, who was battling with a flat spotted front left tyre, and later with also a punctured right rear tyre.

Unfortunately for Randle, a second place finish in his debut national Sports Sedan race wasn’t to be, with a stuck throttle forcing the 18 year old to retire from the race on lap five after earlier running a sub-record time.

The action wasn’t confined to the front-runners either, with battles aplenty for fourth and fifth position between Steven Lacey, Dean Camm, Colin Smith, Bob McLoughlin and Michael Robinson. At the end of the race, it was Lacey who took home fourth position ahead of Camm, Robinson, Banks, Smith and McLoughlin.

The Kerrick Sports Sedan Series action will continue at Phillip Island tomorrow (Sunday 21 September) at 12.45pm (race one) and 3.35pm (race two). For full event information please go to www.sportssedans.com.au



Race one winner – Darren Hossack - #4 Auto Union Deutsche Audi A4

“That was good to have a win, and to stop Tony’s run of wins and prove to us and everyone else that we can still win. The car was good, I didn’t even look in the mirror at the start, once I got the start I just thought I would drive the fastest I can and if he can pass me, then well, good luck to him. I didn’t even know he had gone off, to be honest I am just out there running my own race. I am always looking forward to tomorrow, tomorrow is another day. Assuming we finish the race, the only thing that will lose it for us will be noise (breaking the noise restrictions). At this point I am fairly confident but you know, I never rule Tony out, I could beat him by a minute it wouldn’t matter, I wouldn’t rule him out because I always expect him to be there because he is such a hard competitor. Tomorrow he will be pushing hard, there is no question about that.”

Race one runner-up – Tony Ricciardello - #5 B & M Motors Alfa Romeo GTV

“It probably took a little longer for the front tyres to come up to temperature, I was sort of pretty close a few car lengths to Darren on the first lap and going through the hay shed I lost a lot of front aero and just ran wide, cos obviously the aero on Darren’s car affects the front of my car, and then I was just having a crack trying to catch back up and made an error - I just locked up a front wheel and got a flat spot and just nursed it home. It is probably better to make a bit of a driving error than to have any mechanical problems like we have had in the past, as we can fight back tomorrow, and have another crack!

We have really struggled here over the years for some reason, I think it is the wheelbase of the car is quite short and on these fast flowing corners it pretty much wants to turn itself around. The balance of the car is pretty good, there are probably a couple of sections of track where Darren has a bit more pace on us but we will work on that tonight and hopefully put a bit of pressure on him tomorrow, we could sit back and just go for the championship but we are racers so we got to get it out of our system and go for the win, so tomorrow is going got be an interesting day.”

Race one third place – Steven Tamasi - #9 Domain Prestige Homes Holden Calibra

“I started off hot and strong, gave it my all and was going all right and then all of a sudden I started locking the front left. In the previous session I gave myself a flat spot and then I just kept finding the flat spot over and over again and before you knew it I had a ‘square’ front left, and that is when Tommy got me and from there I was almost rattling my teeth out of my head! O also got a punctured rear right tyre at the same time, so I was racing with two wheels that were working, but other than that the weekend has been okay. It’s been a very testing weekend but we have definitely been doing okay considering. Other than that, it is unfortunate that Tommy had his issue. I am definitely hoping all my bad luck is out of the way, we will put new tyres on, and hopefully everything holds together and we do okay.”


2018 Calendar

1. May 23-24  Wakefield Park
2. July 4-5  Morgan Park
3. September 5-6  Sydney Motorsport Park
4. September 19-20  The Bend
5. November 28-29  Phillip Island

Championship Points

1. Tony Ricciardello 651
2. Jordan Caruso 540
3. Shane Woodman 428
4. Steven Tamasi 397
5. Michael Robinson 369